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5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Want To Join Pyxism


How many people do you know who are making money with the internet?  Home based businesses are also on the rise – you might have thought about starting one yourself.

Pyxism is one of the latest and best opportunities you will ever have come across.  Not only can you enjoy countless vacations to stunning parts of the world, you can do it all at a low cost and build a business at the same time.

But I’m betting you have already told yourself you won’t do it.  Do any of these reasons sound familiar?

  1. You are scared of failing.  If you don’t try you can’t fail.  But Pyxism makes it easy to succeed with its matrix plan and the idea of working in teams with other people.  The plan gives you all the back up and support you need, making failure something that happens in other businesses and not this one.
  2. You don’t think you will make any money with it.  This is a natural thing to think when you are considering any opportunity.  But don’t discount the opportunity before you know more about it.  As you will see the Pyxism opportunity makes it easy to earn money through the Compass Matrix and the Horizon Matrix.  All you have to do is work the system and it will work for you.
  3. You feel safer in your own job.  This is understandable because you are familiar with it.  But how many employed positions are really that safe?  You have no control over what happens to you – unlike Pyxism.  Here we give you all the tools to make sure you can succeed.  All you have to do is apply yourself and build your business.  And since Pyxism lets you do this alongside your regular job you can bring in a nice second income until you feel ready to leave your employed position.
  4. You just don’t think it is worth trying.  If you never try anything, how will you know if you are right or not?  You can miss out on a lot of experiences because you don’t want to try them.  Pyxism works well because it provides you with a clear cut strategy and plan to follow.  You can find out all about it before you join too, so you can see what you will be trying.
  5. You will have to learn something new and you don’t think you could do that.  How much did you know about your current job before you started doing it?  We all learn new things every day whether we realize it or not.  So all you have to do is focus on learning all about Pyxism.  As you become familiar with it you will see that it could change your life forever.  You just have to take that first step – and Pyxism makes it easy because it describes the plan in easy to understand steps. 

 There will always be excuses for not doing things.  But you can see it is a lot easier to change your life than you thought it might be.

Pyxism Owner Lloyd Wilson Has Gone Crazy With His Compensation Plan



Pyxism owner Lloyd Wilson has introduced an Advance Pay system built into the Pyxism compensation plan that is a first ever in the network marketing industry.

As you may already know the investment into Pyxism is already set low at $325 for a lifetime of travel discounts.  That opens up the opportunity for a wider range of people during this struggling economy.  What was announced today may make you think the owner has just gone nuts.

Have you ever been involved with a network marketing opportunity where the company was gracious enough to advance you money even before you have completed your matrix?

With the economy in it’s current state everyone is struggling to make cash.  It’s even harder to hold onto cash as everyday needs causes you to spend, spend, spend.  It’s even harder to build a business when you have these everyday struggles hitting you in the face.

Pyxism understands that and has designed an advance pay system that will put money in your pockets even before you cycle out of your matrix.  Below are the details:

Advance Pay 300

  • Enroll 3 Associates within 30 days
  • Get advanced $300 dollars
  • Even if you haven’t cycled out of your first matrix
  • Once you cycle out of your 2nd Compass Matrix you will be paid the remaining balance $950

Advance Pay 600

  • Enroll 6 Associates within 30 days
  • Get advanced $600 dollars
  • Even if you haven’t cycled out of your first matrix
  • Once you cycle out of your 2nd Compass Matrix you will receive your full $1250 payout and get to keep the advanced $600

Pyxism has truly set themselves apart as a new leader in the network marketing industry.  They continue to bring new ideas to the table that are unheard of.  It’s not the money that is most exciting about this Advance Pay system ,it’s the fact that a company is standing behind their idea that anyone can be successful with their Pyxism business.

5 Quick Start Tips To Get Your Pyxism Business Off The Ground And Rockin!


Getting Started ImageThe buzz of the new travel based network marketing organization Pyxism has been loud and strong for some time now. Now that the pre-launch phase is over, thousands of men and women have started making money and enjoying the benefits of this unique business opportunity. Started by MLM guru Lloyd Wilson, Pyxism allows you to build a solid team and begin making money more quickly and easily than most other similar business models.

 Below are 5 quick start tips that will help you jumpstart your Pysixm business and begin making money and benefitting from the program as soon as possible:

 1.       Sign up and become an official member of the Pyxism community-Obviously, the first step is to sign up and become a member of this burgeoning program. You get the chance to own your own travel business for an initial fee of only $325.

2.       Take some time to learn how the business model works, and the different packages available through the company-Once you have signed up, take a few days to learn more about the Pyxism program. The person who sponsored you will be able to provide all the resources needed to help you better understand the compensation plan, the travel packages available, and exactly how to sign up other individuals under you so that you can begin making money for their efforts.

3.       Make a list of friends and family-While this step is listed as 3rd on our list, you can start this one AS SOON as you become a member of Pyxism. Make a list of everyone you can think of in your network. Friends, family, business relationships, online connections, etc. The person who signed you up will help you to develop the best plan of action to contact the people on your list and tell them a little about this exciting program and see if they have an interest in joining you. Some may want to join, and some may just want to travel…either way, it is important to start getting the word out to your network as soon as possible.

4.       Create an informational based website to help you promote Pyxism online-Now, to some, this step may scare you just a bit…DON’T WORRY! Creating a simple website to help you develop prospects for your Pyxism business is not hard at all and your upline can show you just how easy it is. This site will give you a place to send prospects to get more info and ensure that is they take the next step, YOU will get the credit! In addition, once your promotional efforts kick into high gear, you can be developing leads and prospects even while you are sleeping…

5.       Promote the program, sign up members, and enjoy start making money and travelling to your heart’s content!-Once you have learned about the business and have a simple website in place, it is time to promote the business, begin signing up new members, and start making money and taking advantage of all the travel opportunities provided by Pyxism. You will want to promote your business using a variety of online and offline methods to generate some serious activity and start turning interested people into Pyxism members. Rest assured, your upline will show you how to use a variety of promotional techniques to help make your business as profitable as you want it to be.

 There you have it, 5 quickstart tips to help you get your Pyxism business off the ground and rockin! There is no question that the opportunity provided by this unique business can help you achieve all of your dreams. All it takes is your desire and more importantly FOLLOW THROUGH to make it happen. Listen to those that have come before you and follow their advice and your success is virtually guaranteed…

Pyxism Opportunity Webinar Presentation Schedule


Hey Marketers,

Pyxism is hosting webinar’s all week so you can check out the opportunity details.  The owner Lloyd Wilson is personally hosting these webinars so you can grill him with any questions you have about Pyxism.  I don’t know many companies where the owner personally host your webinars so it is something very much worth signing up for.

I must say he is a very smart man with his head on his shoulders.  He has created such buzz around this program and it’s growing tremendously.  Actually it’s growing alot faster than expected that’s why they pushed the launch date up so much.

So check out the webinar’s and get all your question’s answered.  If you would rather just speak with me, thats fine to just give me a call personally at 502-767-9597.

Click on the link below and it will give you all this week’s webinar schedule information.

To Your Success, Launches to Provide Internet Marketing Training and Support for New Pyxism Entrepreneurs


News release           

For immediate release 

Aerion Miles, an independent Pyxism associate, has launched a new website at to provide internet marketing tools for entrepreneurs looking to succeed with a new business model.  Pyxism is a home-based travel business with a unique compensation structure that allows teams to stay together and succeed instead of break apart

Louisville, KY – January 19, 2010 Pyxism independent associate, Aerion Miles announces the launch of his new website,, to coincide with the roll out on January 11th of Pyxism, a new home-based business opportunity in the growing discount travel industry. provides training and support for up and coming entrepreneurs who want to learn PPC (pay per click), Article Marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media and other internet marketing techniques in their new ventures.

Pyxism, a privately held U.S. based company, is unique in the home-based business community because of its 2×3 cycling matrix compensation plan.  Unlike traditional plans where teams split and drop off, the Pyxism plan is designed to be a true ‘follow-me’ plan where the team stays intact as it moves through the matrix.  The shift and possible loss of key downline members  during a matrix split, a common feature seen in traditional 2×3 matrix companies, has been eliminated.

According to Aerion Miles, owner of, “There are a lot of key factors to look for when choosing a network marketing business.  The product has to be something people believe in and that people want. The compensation plan has to be something that is easy to understand, can earn real money, create residual income and is realistic.  And the owners and leadership must be competent and experienced in the industry.  Pyxism meets and exceeds all those expectations.”

In fact, Lloyd Wilson, who founded Pyxism, is a veteran of the 8 trillion dollar travel industry since 2005, with experience as a partner in three different companies.  And the compensation plan is structured with $8,000 payouts at the upper matrix of the two-level 2×3 cycling matrix.

“This opportunity is for everyone.  This business is a great fit for college students all the way up to retirees who are looking for extra ways to generate extra income.  And the low start up cost of $325 makes the Pyxism opportunity open to a broader audience,” said Aerion Miles.

For more information about the Pyxism network marketing opportunity, go to  Or visit for internet marketing information and tips.   

Contact: Aerion Miles

Phone: 502-767-9597

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