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Who Is Your Mentor?


Let’s face it, internet marketing is not as easy as it sounds like it should be.  Very few are successful in owning their own internet business due to many different factors.  The good news is that there are a few successful marketers out there and alot of them are willing to share how they got to the next level in their marketing efforts.  The best way to learn how to be successful online is to follow the ones that have already been there and use their best practices to optimize your income. 

Everyone needs a mentor to  help guide them to success.  Even the top marketers have someone that they consider their mentor or someone that helped them to the next level in the industry.  Without that guidance one may be doomed to failure.  Internet marketing employs a variety of different tactics that if not done correctly could leave you feeling like your business has no future and possibly cause you to quit before you even get started.

When you are new to the industry it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out who to listen to and who to completely ignore.  There are so many self pro-claimed ”gurus” on the internet it’s very easy to get sucked in by someone who has absolutely no experience at all or does not have the proper ability to train you so you too can be successful.  Alot of internet marketing products out there will only teach you so far and will not give you the exact ingredients to fully be a success, leaving you with still plenty of room for error.

So where do I start?  Myself personally I follow many top internet marketers.  I have joined many email list and subscribed to a number of blogs.  Usually these are affiliate marketers that are willing to teach you some of their methods to success without charging you in hopes that you buy their products sometime in the future.  I don’t join these list to buy their products, although from time to time you will come across some great deals, I  join so I can see how these successful people market to their audience.  

Below I compiled a brief list of people that help influence and motivate you.  Google these names and join their list so you can start learning right away:

  • Frank Kern
  • Mike Dillard
  • Todd Falcone
  • Joel Comm
  • Craig Perrine
  • Brad Callen
  • Eben Pagan
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Howie Schwartz
  • Jeff Johnson
  • John Reese
  • Michael Cheney
  • Keith Wellman
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Perry Marshall
  • Stompernet

This is only a brief list and you may have others that you follow and learn from.  Remember these people have a wealth of information to offer to you and you may want to buy some of their products, but if anything analyze everything they do, take notes, and implement action. 

I invite you to comment and let the readers know who your mentor is and why you choose to follow them.

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Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System

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