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Automatic Millionaire Review


Automatic Millionaire

Hearing the words “Automatic Millionaire” should get you excited.  If it doesn’t then you need to get your pulse checked, seriously.  If the thought of being able to become a millionaire automatically doesn’t get your blood pumping then I don’t know what will.  “Automatic Millionaire” was a book penned by David Bach, who is a New York Times bestselling author.  It also happens to be a network marketing opportunity called “Automatic Millionaire International” or AMI.    However, before you anoint this as your way out of poverty and into financial freedom, there is more that you need to know about it.

The Opportunity

In a nutshell, the AMI opportunity is a way for you to make money while helping others become financially successful.  Automatic Millionaire International is run by PRO U.  When you become a part of the AMI team, you become a PRO U marketing partner.  To become a partner you will need to pay a yearly fee of $199.  There is no product to purchase; this is just your yearly membership fee.  This fee provides you access to a basic membership to help you track your sales.


I am guessing that this is the part you want to know the most about – how much you can earn from AMI.  You can earn anywhere from 10% to 50% commissions depending on your PRO U certification level.  At the most basic level where you have no PRO U credits, you can earn 10% on all sales generated.  As a certified marketing partner with 50 PRO U credits, you can earn 20% and as a professional marketing partner with 100 PRO U credits, you can earn 30% commissions.  There are also higher levels such as Master and Elite partners that can earn you even more on each sale.


Automatic Millionaire International realizes that you may be new to network marketing, so they have provided a training platform.  The training program is run by Carbon Copy Pro.  The training program provides a toolkit to help you get started and also includes a trial membership to Carbon Copy Pro.  The trial membership an additional fee and is separate from the AMI opportunity.

If you have heard about Automatic Millionaire or read the book by David Bach, then you are already well aware of the concepts and opportunity that is available. If you have been interested in getting started with AMI or any other network marketing opportunity, then it is in your best interest to do your research and homework beforehand.  Finding out more about each opportunity to see if it is a good fit for you will help ensure success with that particular opportunity.

Of course, there is one more step truly needed to succeed and that is to find the right mentor and the right mlm training to help you on your way.  If you have been looking for more help in Automatic Millionaire or any network or multilevel marketing business, and just need more guidance, then you can contact me by clicking below:

Click here to access the training to not only learn how to successfully recruit in your Automatic Millionaire business but to earn multiple paychecks even if you never sponsor someone into your Automatic Millionaire business


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