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Xplocial Review – What You MUST Know Before You Join Xplocial!

xplociallogo If you’re reading this page then you’re looking for a complete Xplocial Review and that’s what I’m prepared to give to you today.

What you may not know, but what I will go over in this Xplocial Review is the new Xplocial 2.0 changes that took place beginning July 2014.

I was already interested in Xplocial but when I saw the Xplocial 2.0 changes I had to get involved on the action.

So what’s new with Xplocial 2.0?

Well basically more products, more value, and most importantly, the reason why most people start a home business…more money!  The founder Larry Marcus, who has an extensive business background, has outdone himself by creating something very powerful that will not only put more money in people’s pockets but will also increase the average company retention rate.



Wake Up Now Review: Read This Detailed Wake Up Now Review Before Joining

wakeupnowIf you are here looking for a Wake Up Now review then look no further.  I chose to do this Wake Up Now review because I feel like there are so many people trying to make it in the home business space but there are few that actually do make it.  With Wake Up Now even the little guy or the person that has had troubles building a team can win.

Why is that?

The average family household only needs an extra $500 dollars in their house to make life changing differences in their lifestyle.  For some families an extra $500 dollars could help you to avoid bankruptcy.  For other families an extra $500 dollars could end the constant arguments about money that end up in divorce.

Wake Up Now has designed their compensation plan where they can quickly put an extra $600 dollar residual income into your pockets in as little as 30 days.  The Wake Up Now compensation plan is one of the highest paying residual income programs I have ever saw and I have looked at many compensation plans.

When it all boils down to it we start a home based business to get paid and Wake Up Now has realized that and has no problem with paying their independent business owners for doing the work involved in building a business.

The approach most MLM businesses take is they offer glamorous bonus programs.  If you hit this rank you might get $10,000 dollars.  If you hit another rank you get $20k or even $100,000 bonus.  Yea those numbers sound great on paper but in reality they are not achievable for the average person.  Most people that come in and hit those ranks are seasoned networkers who bring over a large following of people or internet marketers that already have a big list they can market to and persuade to join their opportunity.  There are some average people that hit those ranks but few and far between and usually they are going at it full time while their husband or wife works a job full time to support them.  We don’t all have those luxuries to do that.  And if you read the fine print most of those bonuses are timed based so if you don’t hit them within a certain time you are out of luck.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Member of Wake Up Now?

The cost to become a Wake Up Now member is $99.95 per month and if you read a little further I will show you how to even get that for free.    Unlike most companies that charge huge startup fees of $500 to $1300 to buy a “kit” full of products you won’t use with Wake Up Now you only pay the monthly cost for membership to access the products that we will talk about later.  Those product kits are marked up anyway so they can add in more bonus money to pay out to people but who wants to pay out $500 to $1300 dollars to start a business?  Most people are trying to do this because they are broke so most people don’t have that type of money in the first place.

So How Do You Earn The $600 Per Month Residual Income?

It’s easy.  Wake Up Now has developed a simple formula to help everyone, even the average person, achieve a $600 per month residual income.

It’s called B3H3G3, which stands for Bring 3, Help 3, Get 3.

Here is how it’s broken down.  Your first step in the formula is B3 which means you want to bring 3 people into the business that are hungry about making money from home.  You are now what’s called the rank of Director 3 in the Wake Up Now business.

The beauty about this first step is when you bring 3 people into the Wake Up Now opportunity your business is now FREE.  Most people strive to do this within their first 15 to 30 days so they only have to pay their auto ship one time.  In fact if you do this within 15 days Wake Up Now has a special incentive vacation they will send you on after one year if you continue to maintain the rank of Director 3 or higher and use at least two products a month.  This creates a sense of urgency and also promotes continued growth since the independent business owners have a reason to hit that goal.

The second step of the formula is H3G3 which means Help 3 Get 3.  So you now want to help those 3 people you brought in the business find their 3 motivated people that are hungry to build a business and make money.  So its simple math you now have a total of 12 people on your team and you hit a rank called Founder 3 that pays you $600 in residual income per month.

So with only 12 people on your team in Wake Up Now you earn a $600 dollars residual income each and every month.

Those businesses with those big bonus programs you would have to sponsor hundreds of people to even begin to think of earning $600 in residual income and let’s face it.  We are building a business so we can relax on the beach and live our dream lifestyle.  We didn’t get into a home business so we could start a second marriage.  Big bonus programs you have to produce, produce, produce in order to get any type of good bonuses and the average person is not built to do that, especially the part timers.

Why Do I Love The Wake Up Now B3H3G3 Formula So Much?

Because it promotes team building.  It promotes unity.  The way the compensation plan is developed it’s so you build deep not wide.  Building deep means you get to help your team members by placing people in their organization where it benefits both you and your team mate.

This compensation plan is not based off bonuses that cause people to be greedy.  Everybody earns residual income, everybody is happy, and everybody stays in the business increasing retention rates.

To make it easy to help people Wake Up Now has a tool called the waiting room or holding tank.  When you bring someone in the business you can keep them in a holding tank up until the end of the month.  Since you don’t need to personally sponsor a bunch of people on your first level you can choose to move people in your holding tank directly under your teammates helping them reach their team of 12 quicker.

This creates a way for you to incentivize your team to work hard.  You can create contest, you can reward people that are working hard and may be a little short from their goal.  Let’s say you had someone that was one person off from reaching their team of 12 and you had someone in your holding tank, you could then place that person in their organization and they would then qualify for the $600 residual bonus.  Finally a place where you truly succeed when others succeed.

So I’ll post the compensation plan breakdown for you to see how easy it is to earn residual income with Wake Up Now.


As you can see with a team of only 889 people in Wake Up Now you can be earning up to $14,000 per month in residual income plus $500 dollar car bonus, plus a $500 vacation bonus.  Who wants to take a vacation every month or two?  I know I would love to do that and with Wake Up Now it’s possible.

What’s so crazy about this post is that I haven’t even talked in detail about the products yet.  The products that Wake Up Now offers is life changing.  The true goal of Wake Up Now is to help everyday people to save money, manage money, and make money while traveling and shopping at wholesale.

So I’ve already talked to you about the make money part of the business and that’s a no brainer but what does Wake Up Now have to offer as a customer with them.  Do we offer a product that we can market to consumers as a stand alone product?  That is a very clear YES.

Let’s talk about managing money.  Wake Up Now offers a financial software that outperforms any other software in this field.  If you like the stuff that Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman talks about then you will understand why this software is so important.

This software tracks all of your bank spending and projects it to you in reports so you can see how much you are spending in each category.  You can place budgets on certain categories and set reminders when you are about to exceed your budget helping you to manage your money in the most efficient manner.

And don’t worry about putting in your financial information.  Wake Up Now uses level 5 security encryption software that is comparable to the same software banks use for their online websites.  So it’s completely safe.

Another perk about this software is that it helps you to prioritize your debt so you can pay down your debt in half the time saving yourself thousands of dollars in interest payments.  You can simulate different pay down scenarios using the money you make and save from Wake Up Now to reinvest in paying off debt to help you pay off your debt in record time.  Once you begin using the software it becomes addictive.

Now let’s talk about saving money.  First here is the no brainer of savings that everyone should take advantage of.  Everybody has and uses a cell phone.  So with that everyone has a cell phone bill.  With Wake Up Now you get an instant discount on your phone bill of 22% if you are with Verizon or AT & T and 12% if you are with T-Mobile.  Wake Up Now is working on securing a deal with Sprint as well so look for that coming soon.  That is huge in itself as most people are paying $200 dollars or more on their cell phone bills.  And that’s not for just one phone it’s a discount on your complete bill.  You are eligible for that discount as soon as you become a member with Wake Up Now.

My favorite product in the Wake Up Now product line is the Taxbot software.  Taxbot is an application for business owners you can download on your mobile phone.  One of the things that most people do not understand is that having a home based business is an advantage just for the tax savings alone.  There are over 450 tax deductions you can take advantage of when you become a Wake Up Now home business owner that W2 employees can’t get.  With Taxbot you get all the training you need to learn how to get these deductions and with the software on your mobile phone it tells you exactly what you need to document to get the deductions.  Seeing as W2 employees are in a higher tax bracket it makes sense to become a home business owner and reap the tax savings.

With Taxbot you can save $0.56 cents per mile when you are driving for the purpose of business.  The Taxbot application has a built in GPS that can track your mileage for you.  You can also take pictures of any business receipts such as for gas, business trips, lunches, or anything related to your business.

As long as you can document you were conducting business at the time you can write it off.  Imagine being able to write off your lunch, dinner, gas you pay for everyday.  Even your monthly membership with Wake Up Now and any expenses related to your business can be a write off.

With the Taxbot software you are able to fully document your savings and store it in the cloud so you no longer have to worry about keeping up with paperwork.  This software was designed by a former IRS Trainer by the name of Sandy Botkin.  So rest assured the information you are storing is going to make you bullet proof to any audits and have you fully prepared for any information if the IRS was to request it from you.  Seeing as W2 employees are in a higher tax bracket it makes sense to become a home business owner and reap the tax savings.  That’s a huge savings just right there.

How about if I told you that you could take a 7 day vacation in a 4 or 5 star resort at up to 80% discount of the original cost?  Well think no more because with Wake Up Now Discount Vacation Club that is now possible.  With this Vacation Club you have access to inventory at prices that you can’t get online in places like Expedia and Travelocity.  So these are true exclusive deals.  In order to get these type of deals some people pay membership fees of $3000 all the way up to $25,000 to have this type of access.  The cost to activate the discount vacation club with Wake Up Now is a one time $100 dollars activation fee.  No more sitting through boring high intense sales presentations to get your free 3 day vacation.  No more buying timeshares that you go to only once a year but have to pay monthly fees and maintenance fees and so forth.  We even have a travel concierge you can call up and tell them when and where you want to travel at and they will find the best deal for you.  Here are some examples of some of the vacation discounts.

When you become a Wake Up Now member you have access to their back office which we call the HUB.  Inside the HUB is a marketplace where you can shop online and receive cash back rewards and online discounts by being a Wake Up Now member.

In the HUB you also can book flights and rental cars at discounted corporate rates.  There is a grocery section in the HUB where you can find hundreds of coupon deals to where you already shop.

Want to learn a new language?  Inside the HUB you get for free a language software called Tell Me More that is comparable to Rosetta Stone.  It will teach you any language you have ever wanted to learn and is great for kids.

As a Wake Up Now member you can choose 3 free magazine subscriptions from a selection of hundreds.  You get identity theft protection with up to $25,000 in protection insurance as well as PC Cleanup and protection software for your computer.  You also have access to choose from over $100 dollars in free stuff that is loaded up in the HUB daily.

And the benefits go on and more are added regularly.

So as you can see the benefits and savings greatly outweigh the cost of being a member of Wake Up Now.  You can begin to use your membership to actually save on the first day.  Most companies just want you to buy more and more product and the product just eats up more of your wallet while you are fed guilt stories on why you should buy cases of product to show that you are a leader.

We are here to make money in this industry not buy $400 + worth of product.  Wake Up Now gives everyone the opportunity to put themselves in a better financial situation at the end of the day.

Wake Up Now Review:  Who is Behind Wake Up Now?

The owner of Wake Up Now is Kirby Cochran.  You can find more information on him at  Kirby Cochran is a venture capitalist.  He has taken 200 companies public.  Has raised over a billion dollars and done over $100 Millioin dollars in profit over the last 10 years.  He is also professor of finance at the University of Utah.  Which that should tell you this man knows how to save, manage, and make money.  Kirby Cochran says that the Wake Up Now opportunity will dwarf any of his previous business ventures which says a lot.  The Wake Up Now corporate office is in Provo, Utah and is fully staffed with over 50 employees.

So that is my Wake Up Now review.  Nothing but the facts in this Wake Up Now review.  If you have any questions or comments please comment below.

With that being said I am looking to help some people get started with Wake Up Now and earning their first $600 plus in residual income.  We are doing a team build where nobody is left behind.  We have marketing strategies in place to help everyone get to the minimum $600 per month level quickly.

Click here to join me in Wake Up Now.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my Wake Up Now review.

P.S. -  If you are still on the fence about starting your own home based business I want you to watch this interview on the Oprah Winfrey show.  She interviews millionaire author Robert Kiyosaki and another guy by the name of Paul Rogers who identifies the reasons you should own a home based business.  If hearing it from millionaires and billionaires doesn’t spark you into action I don’t know what will.

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7 Reasons Why A Network Marketing Company Is The Right Solution In This Economy

Let’s face it; millions of people are struggling in this declining economy.  Living paycheck to paycheck sometimes going broke before your next payday.  People are struggling trying to figure out how they are going to survive the next few days until they get another payday.  People are scrambling out of desperation, looking for ways to earn some extra money just to get by in their everyday life.  Many people are forced to pick up a second job, sometimes a third job just to cover their monthly expenses, yet still find themselves broke at the end of the day.  This ultimately leads to greater stress and time away from their loved ones due to always having to work to pay their bills.  It’s an endless cycle.

If you want to break that endless cycle and generate the amount of money you deserve without overworking yourself, then you should consider joining with a network marketing company.  Network marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry.  In network marketing you have unlimited possibilities, and the ability to tap into a vast amount of wealth and income.  Not to mention you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

There are many reasons why people decide to dive into the network marketing industry, but here are seven of the top reasons why you should seriously think about joining:

  1. Personal Development

 Personal development is a huge key to being successful in life and network marketing.  With network marketing you get a chance to develop yourself as an individual and also develop others at the same time.

Network marketing is built around a system where you won’t make much money unless you help others to be successful.  In a sense network marketing has a pay it forward philosophy.  It won’t work for you if you only focus on yourself and not sharing it with the people you know around you.  This allows you to impact other people’s lives that also have that want to accomplish more in their life and live their desired dreams.

While doing all this you develop yourself more and become a better leader, teacher and mentor to others around you.  This is an outstanding perk to being involved in network marketing.

An important key to wealth and success is this, “If you help enough people get what they want, you in turn will get what you want!”

  1. Accountability Partners

Who said you were in this by yourself?  In network marketing you will be surrounded by numerous accountability partners that will help you succeed in building a strong business.  They will be there to make sure you are on track to meeting your goals.

Accountability partners will hold you accountable for all the things necessary to be a success by giving you feedback, both positive and negative, support you when needed, help you to get out of your comfort zone to do what’s necessary to create positive growth in your business.

  1. Like Minds

You will not believe the amount of people that are just like you sharing a common goal to achieve a better lifestyle.  With network marketing you get to connect with people and share your ideas, visions, and goals.  They will be there to keep you focused on your desires, set goals and meet them.  Their passion will help to influence and fuel you towards reaching higher levels of achievement.

  1. Learn the art of sales and building relationships

Reality is without sales your business is nothing more than a hobby.  Your business will not succeed, period.  The most important skill you have to master is the ability to sell yourself.  Network marketing gives you the knowledge and training on how to put you at the center of the trade.

In the network marketing industry you will learn approaches and techniques that will make the sales process smooth, and a lot easier to handle.  You will learn how to build strong relationships with people as you grow.  You learn how to deal with people properly so that you earn their trust and posture yourself as a leader and as someone others would like to work with.

  1. Opportunity to Mentor & be Mentored

No business is successful without a mentor.  There is always going to be someone that is more experienced than you that can show you the ropes and give you useful knowledge that will help create success in your business.  As you become more experienced you then have the opportunity to mentor others to reach the level of success you have created and beyond.  This will have a downhill effect as they will then become mentors to the business partners they get involved with.

  1. Dream Big

You will get to attend team meetings, company events, team building activities and leadership trainings that will encourage you to dream big and do what it takes to make your dreams come true.

In these types of events you will hear success stories from other network marketers in your company.  Their stories of success will help to shape your goals and dreams.  The outstanding positive energy you get from these meetings will light a fire under you to work towards reaching your maximum potential.


  1. Unlimited Income

I didn’t forget about one of the most important reasons why people join a network marketing company, getting paid!  In network marketing you have the opportunity to get paid what your worth.  You have the control over the amount of money you make.  In your job that you have now you know if you get paid $20/hour and you work 40 hours you are going to get an $800 dollar paycheck if you get paid weekly.  It doesn’t matter how hard you work you will still only get that same $800 dollars per week, and that’s before taxes.  Is it fair that you work twice as hard as your coworker but you both get paid the same amount of money?  With network marketing you get to choose when you are going to work and how hard you are going to work to see it be successful.

If you are willing to do what it takes and put forth the effort to make it happen, you have the opportunity to make more money in a month than you previously were making in one year.  Now that’s what I call being paid what you are worth.

I’m looking for partners that are serious about changing their life for the better and create an income that will enable them to fire their boss, have more time with their loved ones, and go on dream vacations that you thought were unheard of.

If you are looking to take that next step then go here for more information.

If you thought this post was useful please “like it” and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback so feel free to comment below.  Happy Networking!!


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ViSalus Review: Complete review of ViSalus & The Body by Vi Challenge

ViSalus Review

Have you been thinking of getting started with ViSalus?  Are you wondering whether or not qualifying for the BMW is realistic?  I am going to give you an in depth review of ViSalus and what is has to offer, but first let’s take a look at some facts to help whet your appetite:

  • #1 Fastest Growing Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge in the United Sates
  • Over $6 Million Dollars in Bonuses and 755 BMW’s were awarded by promoting The 90 Day Challenge in October 2011
  • Every 20 seconds someone new is joining the challenge
  • Doing $40 Million per month
  • On track to be doing $1 Billion by March 2012

Okay, enough of the stuff that will get you excited, let’s take a closer look at ViSalus.

What is ViSalus?

ViSalus is a company dedicated to making a positive impact on the life, health and prosperity of everyone they come into contact with.  There are two very different ways you can get started with ViSalus.  You can become a customer and use the products yourself to lose weight or you can earn some money and become a distributor by taking advantage of the opportunity that they have to offer.

What draws many to this opportunity is the fact that there is no hard sell involved.  In fact if you take a look at Co-Founder Blake Mallen’s video summing up the opportunity on a napkin, you would realize how simple it really is and that it is no different from the way most businesses market their products.

ViSalus Products

The ViSalus lineup of products is a set of different weight loss kits such as the balance kit, core kit and transformation kit.  Each kit contains shake mixes and other supplements to help you to lose weight.  There are dozens upon dozens of video testimonials from actual users of the products who have lost in some cases 80 pounds and 18 dress sizes.

One user describes the shake products affectionately as “Shake mix that tastes like cake mix.”

With obesity causing so many problems such as heart disease and diabetes, the ViSalus line of products has become a welcome addition to many fitness minded individuals.  The Body By Vi 90 day challenge has started to become viral and has gotten the fitness world talking, so much so that ViSalus has been featured in CNBC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine.

Who Is ViSalus?

The executive team at ViSalus is made up of entrepreneurs, marketing executives and management leaders.  You can also rest assured knowing that they are not some fly-by-night company; in fact they have received billion dollar backing from their parent company BLYTHE.

Getting Started

The process of getting started with ViSalus is just to invite people to a Challenge Party.  This party will help you to segment and qualify your visitors.  You will class them as not interested, customers or distributors.

Unlike other programs where a hard sell may be called upon, you will find that you will be doing nothing of the sort.  In fact, Blake goes on to say “Not interested?  Is that okay?  Absolutely, we’re in the business of sorting NOT selling.”  This type of attitude will make it much easier for opportunity seekers to sign up, especially if selling is not in your nature.

Of those who are interested, your goal will be to get three customers.  Why three customers?  Well, if you get three customers then your own challenge kit is free of charge.  Now, if you are able to get three distributors under you in the same month as your three customers, then you will become what are known as a rising star.

Becoming a rising star is the first step to getting your BMW.  Wait, What?  Yeah, you read right.  There is a BMW qualification program and it is much easier to qualify for a BMW than you think.  In fact many ViSalus members are qualifying so quickly that BMW cannot keep up with the demand.

And get this – the ViSalus BMW Club averages 25 qualifiers per day.  They gave away so many Black BMW’s that the corporate office called and asked them to add more colors to their selection criteria.  So green and silver were added.  BMW is now working on making special deals exclusive to ViSalus.  Now, before you turn and say that this whole BMW thing is just a scheme think about it.

You qualify for a BMW and get a nice set of wheels.  People around you see your car and ask what the heck you have been doing to get such a sweet ride.  You tell them about the ViSalus opportunity and they in turn tell everyone about it and the ViSalus message gets passed on to more and more people.  Now can you see why it just makes sense for ViSalus to take care of their people?

How do you earn?

There are eight ways to earn with ViSalus.  They are:

  1. Direct sales & Personal customer commissions
  2. First order bonus
  3. Weekly enroller’s pool
  4. Fast start bonus
  5. Team commissions
  6. BMW bonus
  7. Leadership pool bonus
  8. Ambassador star bonus

In order to earn income with ViSalus you must remain active.  This means you must generate $125 in auto ship sales or $200 in retail sales.  This can be a combination of products purchased by you or by customers.

The first 10% of the Personal Customer Commissions are paid on the Weekly Pay Cycle, while the balance is paid on the Monthly Pay Cycle.  The more customers you can acquire, the more you can earn.

The next way you can earn is through the First Order Bonus.  The First Order Bonus is based on the personal product orders placed by a new associate at the time of their initial enrollment date and is paid to the first four active up line Associates.  These bonuses are paid on the weekly cycle.

Remember hearing about becoming a rising star?  Well, when you sign up your first three customers and first three distributors in your first month you can qualify for the rising star weekly enroller’s pool as well.

Next you can earn with the fast start bonus.  By achieving the rank of Director, you can earn up to $180 in fast start bonuses from the products that are sold within each Executive Success System (ESS) in your team. These bonuses can be earned from infinite depth, follow the Enroller Tree, and are paid on the Weekly Cycle.

Moving on you will be able to earn with team commissions.  The Team Commissions section is a unilevel compensation plan with compression.  That means you will earn a percentage through a certain number of levels of referral within your organization. The higher the rank you achieve, the more levels from which you can earn commissions.

Next is the leadership bonus.  Once you achieve the rank of Ambassador, you will earn a 2% leadership depth bonus or LDB on all the Bonus Volume (BV) from your level 9 through infinity. When you help someone else within your organization achieve the rank of Ambassador, your LDB will increase to 4% through that Ambassador’s 8 Levels, and you will still earn a 2% LDB through infinite levels below. You will earn a LDB all the way through your second Ambassador’s 8 compressed levels in any given leg.

The last few ways to earn are reserved for some of the top earners.  To qualify for the BMW you must achieve the rank of Regional Director.  And as you can already see from the earnings mentioned above, it only gets better.  The leadership pool and ambassador star bonus are earnings that I will just leave up to your imagination.

How fast is ViSalus growing?

Prepare to be impressed.  ViSalus is growing at an impressive 1,200% growth in its first 3 years.  If you wanted to work with a company that is on the rise then this is it.

Who vouches for ViSalus?

Does the name Hulk Hogan ring a bell?  Yes, the one and only Hulk Hogan of worldwide wrestling fame has spoken on behalf of the ViSalus line.

The verdict

ViSalus offers many options for someone looking to lose weight and for those who want to make a little money as well.  If you are a fitness enthusiast looking for a way to make some money on the side then this opportunity may be the one that you have been looking for.  In fact, if you are able to put more time into it you can possibly turn it into a full time income in a few short months.

There is really no hard sell here.  If you have been looking for an opportunity to get into marketing, make some money and lose some weight at the same time, then ViSalus is something you will probably enjoy.  If not, then no big deal, you can leave the BMW for someone else looking for an opportunity to get in shape and make some money.

I thought I’d leave you with this great video showing 10 reasons why Networkers love the ViSalus compensation plan.

What Are You Waiting For?  Click Here To Join The Challenge & Change Your Life Both Financially & Physically

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One24 $25,000 Sweepstakes – And It’s Free To Join?

Company founder of One24 Mark Seyforth has made a major announcement that is said to be a game changer in the network marketing industry.

Company revenues are being allotted to begin a sweepstakes with the opportunity to win $25,000 dollars each and every month.  This sweepstakes is free for anyone to join if you can follow a few simple directions. 


Why is This So Huge?

The only thing a person has to do to enter for this sweepstakes is join the waiting list of someone active in One24.  It is completely free and you have no obligation to join the One24 business opportunity, but do receive extra benefits if you decide to join One24. 

For one, by being a member of One24 you can participate in the business income you will receive by marketing the products which can be a life changer in itself.  If you haven’t saw the business opportunity One24 presents then go to and watch the videos.  Some people have already retired by joining the One24 business opportunity and many others are on track as predicted.

Second, you get access to the popular Natraburst and Natraboost products.  Positive testimonies are pouring in all across the United States on these products. 

If you’d like to hear some testimonies you can hop on the Live Testimonies call which is held daily at 11am eastern time by dialing in at 712-432-0075 pin:  667219#

The odds of winning the One24 $25,000 Sweepstakes is around 1 in 360,000.  Compare that to the odds of winning the Grand Prize Powerball currently at 1 in 195,249,054, or the $200,000 dollar prize which is currently at 1 in 5,138,133, or even the $10,000 dollar prize which is at 1 in 723,144. 

Keep in mind the lotto is not free to play so you have to spend your hard earned dollars to gain entry.  So even if you continue playing the lottery, why not also enter yourself into the One24 $25,000 Sweepstakes since it’s free?

That’s the concept that One24 has come up with.  Thousands upon thousands will join people’s waiting list, see the power of being able to offer their prospects a sweepstakes opportunity, and will then join you in this amazing business so they can take advantage of this powerful marketing concept.

Where Did My Green Ticket Go?

That’s the question you will be asking yourself once this sweepstakes really hits the online world.  Every PC gets 1 green ticket every month to use to enroll a new PC.  If every person enrolls just 1 new PC each month your group and the company would double every month. 

With the exposure of the sweepstakes being introduced to One24 the demand for a green ticket will become so great that they all will be used company-wide between direct green enrollments and the Gold Rush creating staggering retirement incomes for lots of people.

When Is The Drawing?

The first drawing is set to be held in December 2011.  The drawing is expected to be held on Live TV.  This alone will explode the One24 business opportunity because no one else is doing anything like this.

During the Live TV sweepstakes announcement you will also hear from others in the business along with testimonials about One24’s Natraburst and Natraboost products.  Getting exposure like this from the television market will literally pull people off your waiting list into active enrollees. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Active Preferred Customers (PC’s) are automatically eligible as long as they have one personally enrolled under them or one person on their waiting list.  Active PC’s automatically receive two entries into the One24 $25,000 Sweepstakes if they qualify.

For those that haven’t decided to join One24 yet here are the steps that you must follow to get registered for the One24 $25,000 Sweepstakes.

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Enter your name, email address, and phone number into the box.  This information must be accurate or you will not know if you won the sweepstakes.

Step 3:  Watch the videos that will be presented to you in 4 steps.  These videos will explain the One24 business opportunity. 

Step 4:  Click on Join the Waitlist under the videos.  Note:  If you do not click join the waitlist you will not be officially entered into the contest, so be sure to do that.

This will get you one entry into the One24 $25,000 Sweepstakes for 90 days.  Keep in mind if you decide to join the One24 business opportunity you will then have two chances to win the $25,000 dollars every month.

Timing is Everything

If you haven’t watched the One24 Compensation plan videos then you might not understand, but for those of you that have you know that once you join One24 you get paid off everyone that joins the business after you in the Silver Performance Pool.  That income alone will soon be able to put people into retirement. 

With the announcement of the $25,000 dollar sweepstakes coupled with the fact that One24 will soon expand to other countries you want to take advantage of that Silver Performance Pool by joining the business now.

So what are you waiting for?  If you haven’t already then wake up and get on the waiting list now for your chance to win $25,000 dollars each and every month for free and retire in the next 24 months.

To Your Success,

Phone:  502-767-9597

Skype:  aerion.miles



MLM Leaders – Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next Great MLM Leader?

Do you know who Richard Brooke is?  If you don’t then you just may want to learn a little more about him.  He was not any different than you or I.  At the age of 22 he was working at Foster Farms for the wage of $3.05 per hour.  He had prepared himself for a lifetime as a wage earner, until a friend introduced him to an opportunity that promised him the kind of freedom that we all dream of.  To make a long story short, his belief that he would succeed coupled with help from coaches and mentors allowed him to become the top earner among 200,000 others in the same company.  He earned his first million before the age of 30 and when people talk of MLM leaders, he is one that many look towards.

Did you catch the two things that got him to where he is today?  If you didn’t then I will lay it out for you.  The two things that helped to get him there was the self belief that he would succeed AND help and guidance from coaches and mentors.  It seems that having just one of these does not guarantee success, but having both just puts you that much closer to your dreams.  I know you already have the self belief, so allow me to explain just why you need a mentor.

Been there, done that

Having a mentor show you the ropes is like having someone give you a blueprint to success in your given field.  Imagine having someone tell you that they knew how you could quit your day job, earn a comfortable living and do it without having a boss, would you want to listen to every single word that person had to say?  I am pretty sure I know the answer to that.  Having a mentor means having someone you can turn to when you are confused about what you need to do next to succeed.  It means having an experienced guide assisting you at every step of your MLM journey.

Helps shortcut your path to success

If you like taking the long and tough road to success then by all means, go ahead and try things your way.  However, if you would much rather take the shorter and easier path to your financial destination then you had better get yourself a mentor.  A mentor will not only guide you along the way, but the right mentor will help give you the shortcuts needed to get there that much quicker.  Just think of how many times you asked for directions for someone.  Most likely they told you to take specific roads and short cuts because they knew it would be much quicker.  The same can be said of the right MLM mentor.

How do you choose?

When it comes to a mentor or coach, the saying “one size fits all” does not apply.  First of all you will want someone who has a proven track record of getting students where they want and need to be.  Secondly, while your prospective mentor or coach will be asking you questions about your goals and such, you should be asking questions of your own.  Questions such as – “What are your expectations of me?  What teaching style do you prefer?  How much hands-on time will you actually be spending with me?”

These are just a few questions that you can start with, but if all else fails just spend a bit of time talking with your prospective coach or mentor before spending any money.  Your gut instinct is usually right and you should not ignore it on this occasion.  If you feel that it is just not a good fit, then it is just not a good fit and move on.  There is no sense in wasting the other person’s time as well as your time and money only to find that you were not compatible.  There are other coaches and mentors out there, and finding the right one could mean the difference between ultimate success and dropping out of a program because of frustration.

Once you have the right mentor or coach helping you to succeed, it is a natural transition to take what you have learned along with your success and start to teach others.  This is truly how you can become one of the MLM leaders that many look towards in today’s marketing field.  However, it all starts with finding the right mentor or coach to get you going in the right direction.


To Your Success,


Skype: aerion.miles

OneX Review: Can You Really Turn $5 Dollars Into $99,460?

OneX Review

The latest buzz in network marketing is a new startup MLM company by the name of OneX. I’d like to give you an honest OneX review so you can decide for yourself if OneX is a company that you should consider joining.

What Is OneX?

OneX is a feeder program for its sister company QLxchange which has not yet launched as well. OneX has just opened their doors to the public and already thousands have joined them.

Why Is OneX So Attractive?

The reason so many are flocking over to OneX is quite simply because it’s only $5 dollar one time to join with an income potential of $99,460 dollars in a very short period of time.

Watch this 9 minute video that explains OneX in full detail:


OneX is designed with a two stage 4 x 4 force filled matrix. That means you have 4 on your first row, 16 on the second row, 64 on your third row and 256 on the 4th row for a total of 340 people that it would take to fill up your matrix. When you complete the first stage you would have netted $5,860 dollars. You are then entered into stage two where when completed you would have netted $99,460 dollars.

onex review

OneX Sponsoring Requirements

A good feature about OneX is that there are no sponsoring requirements. You could fill up your matrix just by taking advantage of the spillover from your upline. As you can see from the illustration above there are great benefits by sponsoring people in OneX. You earn a 50/50 split from your sponsor after the second level which means once they complete their two stages and earn their $99,460 you would have earned $99,440, two people completing would earn you $198,880. If 9 people completed both stages you would have earned $894,960 dollars. The numbers don’t lie and you really can earn a massive income by being a part of OneX.

OneX Pay It Forward Program

OneX has designed a pay it forward program that will make earning money in this program a breeze. With OneX you can purchase “keys” to help enroll people. It cost $6 dollars to purchase a key. You simply give those keys away to people interested in getting involved with OneX. The main goal is to fill your first row of 4 and help those 4 find their 4 and so on.

So let’s say you bought 4 keys which would cost you $24 dollars. You give those 4 keys away to 4 interested people and once they join you automatically get back $20 dollars ($5 dollars for each of your 4). Then you teach your 4 to go out and do the same thing once they get in.
Remember: I wanted to add something here. If you invest $24 for 4 keys and make that back immediately upon your 4 coming in, you now have $4 invested. Your potential earnings would be a whopping $497,220! $99,460 for completing Stage 1 & 2, plus your matching bonuses for your 4 people at $99,440 each once they complete their matrix.  As you can see the OneX Pay It Forward Program will cause this program to explode.

Is OneX A Legitimate Opportunity

OneX is a very legitimate opportunity. Careful steps have been taken to make sure they are 100% compliant. To be legitimate, a company has to have a product, and the products for OneX are online educational tools. Each time you complete a tier and go to the next level you receive a new educational product. These products teach you how to successfully start and run a home based business. Another thing that many matrix companies fail on is they allow you to purchase more than one position in a matrix, which is a big red flag. OneX passes this rule by only allowing you to purchase one position in the matrix.

In conclusion OneX has a very low financial risk. When you couple in the reward with the risk it’s something you should consider in your arsenal. Many people are using this as a feeder program to get people making money in MLM. Many people joining OneX are people that never would have joined without such a low price point. Once you get people in a program like this and making money they begin to truly grasp the power of MLM and network marketing and will join you in your primary business opportunity which normally would have a higher ticket price.

If you are interested in joining OneX for a ridiculously low $5 dollars than click on this link to get started.

CieAura Review

cieaura reviewCieAura Review

If you’re here then you are looking for a completely unbiased third party CieAura review.  Read below so you can get the full details on CieAura.

If you are unfamiliar with the product that CieAura has to offer, you won’t be once you see them. They are similar to the power bracelets and other accessories that you have seen people wearing to relieve pain and restore balance. Their lineup of products and accessories has made them a dream for some network marketers. They fully believe in their products, with their flagship giveaway being the CieAura PureRelief Holographic Chips. Along with their products comes an opportunity to earn some income.

CieAura Review: How to get started

According to the CieAura website, getting started with their network marketing opportunity is just a matter of three easy steps. If someone referred you, then you will need to get in touch with that person. That person will be able to tell you what level of entry into the program is best for you. If no one referred you, then you can be put in touch with an independent CieAura retailer near you. Once you get in touch with the person who referred you or the independent retailer, they will be able to direct you to their site to fill out the proper forms. Once you fill out the forms, then you will be sent instructions on how to get the most out of your CieAura business opportunity.

The basic CieAura way

CieAura feels that their products truly help and as a result encourage you to give some of their products away as a sample. They feel that giving away samples are the best way to gain lifetime customers. They have stated that once someone tries their products and sees how well they work, that they will in turn want to purchase more of the CieAura line.

CieAura Compensation Plan

There are multiple ways that you can earn with CieAura. One of these ways is something called a “First Order Commission.” When you sign someone up under you to become a retailer, the package that they choose to purchase will determine your amount of commissions. You can earn anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on the package that they decide to go with.

You can also earn from developing a sales team. Their claim is that earning through this structure is not like your typical binary payout plans. There are no cycles, there are no fluctuating payout amounts (binary creep) and there are no difficult cumulative sales requirements to meet. If you have wanted to join a network marketing opportunity, but did not like the cycles, payout structures or requirements, then this may be an opportunity you may want to look at a little closer.

In conclusion, my CieAura review determines there is no Cieaura scam, in fact they are a very legitimate company.  Something to consider is, while multi level marketing and network marketing are great ways to earn a part-time or full-time income, there is a lot more that goes into it. There are things that you will need to learn that only a seasoned network or multi level marketer can teach you. If you are looking to fast track your learning, as well your income, then get in touch with me today.  I have a system that you can put into place today to start recruiting heavyhitters into your Cieaura business.   To learn more about what I can offer you, just click here now:  MLM Leads Heavy Hitter.


To Your Success,


aerion miles


Skype: aerion.miles


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One24 Review: Do Not Join Without Reading This Detailed One24 Review

One24 reviewOne 24 Review

When I first was introduced to One24 I must admit I was a bit skeptical.  In fact after watching the compensation plan overview I quickly dismissed it without honestly taking a look at its true overall potential.

I didn’t understand the One24 compensation plan, I didn’t understand how this plan would make me any money.  All I saw was $1.50 per person and it took me back to nightmares I had in past companies that were too good to be true but only paid out at $1 dollar per person, which I won’t name any names.

That was almost a year ago and since then things have changed dramatically.  What I didn’t recognize is that One24 is not your traditional MLM, in fact they are not even in the category of MLM since their compensation plan has set themselves apart from other network marketing companies.  One24’s compensation plan coined Incentivized Referal Plan, is designed to set anybody that sticks with it, up for a very generous retirement income.  In fact, later in this One24 review I will show you how you can generate a few thousand dollars in residual income by doing almost no work.

I want to give you a very in depth review of the One24 organization which includes it product and the revolutionary compensation plan that is creating insane amounts of buzz over the internet.  Although I am proud to admit that I am a member of One24, I will stand by my standard of giving you both the positives and negatives of this company so you can make the best decision for yourself if One24 is right for you.

Don’t like to read?

To View The Complete One24 Video Overview Go Here ====> One24 Review

One24 Company Background

The actual One24 headquarters is located in Melbourne, Florida.  One24 is led by none other than MLM industry veteran Mark Seyforth.  If you don’t know who Mark Seyforth is, he is the person that was behind the compensation plan of a company that everyone has heard of, Herbalife.  He has over 34 years of documented experience as a leader in this industry & is a person that built a 100 million dollar company while only in his 20’s, so we can safely say he is a man who knows his stuff.

One24 Flagship Product “Natraburst”

One24 has followed Mark Seyforth’s specialty by developing a product that is in the health and nutrition industry.  Let’s face it, natrabursthealth and nutrition is something that everyone should be focusing on to help combat unhealthy lifestyles, disease, and obesity.

One problem with the health and nutrition industry is that there are so many network marketing companies in that field so it’s hard to choose which one is the right one.  Many are fly by night companies, and many don’t have a proven product.

What I liked about One24 is they only focus on one high quality product so there is no confusion.  It’s also coupled with a compensation plan that is without a doubt a game changer.  When you take those two ingredients and add them in with proven leadership from a man that has built a multi-million dollar company, it’s a no-brainer.

The Natraburst product is a powerful food source developed to provide healthy benefits to the person taking it.  Natraburst helps to support lean muscle mass along with many other positive effects such as:

  • An increase of energy
  • Reduction of appetite
  • Strengthening of your immune system
  • Improved Digestion
  • Support blood sugar/insulin
  • Promote fat loss
  • Repair & rebuild
  • Anti-Aging formula
  • Promote Healthy skin
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support the body’s healthy state of alkalinity

In fact Natraburst has more than 6 servings of vegetables and fruits, high quality protein, natural fiber, digestive enzymes, and is a natural appetite suppressant, and don’t let me forget, it taste great.  For a complete listing of the health benefits and nutritional facts on Natraburst you can take a look here.

One24 Compensation Plan

As I stated I want to report to you the good and the bad points of One24 and I must say the main thing that turned my head when I first looked at One24 was the confusing compensation plan.

But who ever said being successful was simple?  Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I’ll be honest, for you to really understand the powerful compensation plan of One24, you MUST at least watch the compensation video at a minimum 3 times.  In fact, I encourage you to watch it as many times as you need to completely understand why it will set up millionaires and will do so in as few as two years.

When you join One24 you pay $60 dollars, plus shipping and handling for a total of almost $70 dollars for the product and agree to a monthly autoship so you are able to receive the product every month.

There is no huge upfront cost or start up kit that you have to purchase like most companies these days.  This does help to make the opportunity much more attractive since literally anybody can get involved at a very low cost.

I will attempt to explain the compensation plan so you can easily understand it below, but my best suggestion would be to jump over to the One24 Compensation Video to fully understand it.  Watch all four videos as many times until you completely understand.

Green Tickets

The way the One24 compensation plan works is once you are a member you receive 24 green tickets.  Each ticket represents a future member or Preferred Customer (PC) that you will sponsor into the business.  You can only sponsor one PC per month in the business therefore you can only use one green ticket per month.

Everyone else that wants to join with you has to be put on your waiting list.  They have to stay on the waiting list until your next green ticket is available which is once per month or during the Gold Rush, which we will talk about later.  So don’t worry, for all you heavy hitter marketers who are capable of recruiting 10 to 20 people per month in your business I will show you how you can bring them in with the Gold Rush, truly exploding your income.

Each PC you recruit earns you $1.50, 12 levels deep.  You also earn $1.50 for each person your personally sponsored PC’s bring in down to twelve levels.  In the grid below you will see how only sponsoring 3 people who do the same will cap you at the $100,000 per month level within two years.

One24 compensation plan


Silver Bonus Pools

Have you ever been in a MLM business and never received a paycheck?  One24 boast that from the time you begin in this business everyone will receive a paycheck.  The way they do this is with the Silver Bonus Pools.

Everyone above you in the linear compensation plan is called a Silver Preferred Customer (Silver PC).  Everyone that the PC’s above you recruit, once you join, are placed chronologically below you in the straight line and become a Silver PC in your downline.  Any PC’s they refer will also be Silver PC’s in your downline.  The Silver PC’s represent bonuses that will be paid in two different phases.

The company places 16% of their total sales into two 8% bonus silver pools.  The first 8% silver pool is divided evenly amongst all active PC’s during their first 4 months of being enrolled in One24, based on the number of months they have been enrolled.  See example below:

One24 silver bonus

The second 8% silver pool is reserved for the Silver Performance bonus pool.  With that payments are based on point shares.  See the example below:

One24 silver performance

Now don’t get me wrong the amounts of the silver bonus money is not substantial, but the mere fact in MLM is that the majority of people never even see any money whatsoever in their business.  What do you think this would do for the retention of your business when your personally sponsored are getting checks after their first month?

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is the most important factor in the One24 compensation plan.  The Gold Rush happens on the 24th of each month.  The Gold Rush was put in place to benefit both people that are heavy hitters, and people that are either new or too shy to recruit into the One24 organization consistently.

During the Gold Rush any unused green tickets in the organization are collected by the company.  The Green Ticket is then turned into a Gold Ticket.  If you have people on your waiting list, this is when they can jump the line and enter One24 without having to wait on a green ticket.

The Gold Rush bonus is equally split with the person that gave up their green ticket to turn it to gold, and the person that received the new Gold ticket.  The person that gave up their ticket can still earn up to $100 dollars of income that the green ticket generates every month.

How is this beneficial to everyone?

Let’s say you have no idea how to build a business or that you are just very lazy and you never recruit a single person into One24.  In fact, the only thing that you are good at doing consistently every month is paying your monthly autoship for the Natraburst product which keeps you in the One24 business.

If this was the case you would give up all your green tickets because you would never have the chance to use them.  If each ticket you give up is worth up to $100 dollars by the end of 24 months you would have created a passive income of up to $2,400 dollars every month by doing absolutely nothing.

The benefit to the person that received the Gold ticket is that they can build that ticket all the way up to $100,000 per month.

So as you can see the way this plan is designed, if you just pay your monthly dues you will benefit financially in the long run.

To get all the details on how the gold rush via video you can check it out here.

Platinum Bonus Pool

The last way you can be compensated in the One24 compensation plan is through the Platinum Bonus Pool.  In the platinum bonus pool 4% of monthly sales are put up to be distributed amongst PC’s.  Also any other bonuses that have not been paid out for the month from all Green, Gold & Silver are added into the platinum bonus pool.  The share value is calculated by dividing the total value of the pool by the number of shares qualified for.  Look at example below:

One24 Platinum bonus pool

In conclusion I have given you the most complete overview of One24 you will probably ever receive.  From this review you can determine yourself if One24 is the right company to get involved in.  Be sure to watch the One24 Overview video so you can see it explained live.

One thing I will say about One24 or any other company that you get involved in is that if you really want to become successful you have to learn how to market your business the right way.  Whether you market your business through online or offline methods, if you don’t do it the right way, then you are setting yourself up to waste thousands of dollars, waste thousands of hours of your time, and the frustrations that come along with it.

There’s no need to waste all that time and money when you can tap into a training system that will show you everything there is to know about marketing period.

Even if you decide One24 is not right for you I still want you to be successful, so I am sharing with you a link to the exact MLM recruiting system that I use generate targeted leads and members into my business.


To Your Success,


Aerion Miles


Skype: aerion.miles

How TWIENDS Will Increase Your Social Following Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

twiendsBeing a member of social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are a necessity if you plan to properly brand yourself online.  Twiends has emerged as yet another great tool that network marketers can take advantage of to help build their social following to the max.

With the recent updates that Google has made, being a part of social networking sites is now more important than ever.

If you haven’t heard of the recent things Google has been up to you can check it out here in my article Google Farmer Update.

Where Does Twiends Fit In With All This?

Twiends is a new way to drive traffic to your Facebook fan page, drive traffic to your YouTube video page, and even gain more followers on your Twitter page, all from one place.

How Does Twiends Work?

First of all Twiends is completely free, of course with everything free there is a paid version that makes using Twiends much easier. Twiends has something called “seeds” that you can earn by doing various actions on the site. twiends seeds

If you follow someone you might get one or two seeds.  If you like someone’s fanpage you will get some seeds.  If you view a YouTube video you will get seeds.

You then can use those seeds that you have earned to have other people to view your video’s, like your fanpage, and follow you on Twitter.  As people complete actions in favor of your pages then your seeds will go back down.

Anytime you want more seeds all you have to do is complete more actions as we discussed above.  Are you getting the picture?

The best part about using Twiends is that you are not just sending just anyone to your page.  You can set your interest so you only will get actions from people that have similar interest as you do.

So if you want to attract other network marketers you can put network marketing as your category.  You can also select what country you want to target in your preferences.

The paid method of Twiends is pretty self explanatory.  You can purchase subscription packages that allows you to pay for so many seeds daily.

For example, for $9.95/ week you can get 75 seeds daily plus a subscription bonus, plus VIP level.  VIP level is when you get so many impressions on the front page in the featured user section, which entices people because they will get more seeds if they choose to follow you, view your video, or like your page.

If you choose the one off payment then you can buy packages of seeds for a one time payment.  An example would be 1250 seeds for $29.95 or 20,000 seeds for $279.95.

Why Is Using Twiends Important?

It’s important to have your piece of the social networking pie for a number of reasons.  For one, this is the phase the internet is in at the moment.  Everyone is joining social networking sites, so why would you want to be left behind?

The more you build up your social following the easier it is to leverage your business content.

What do I mean by leveraging your business content through social media?

You may not have noticed but it’s now easier than ever to get your content syndicated all across the internet.  How could Google ignore your content if you have thousands of retweets?  What if you have thousands of thumbs up and comments on your YouTube video?  If thousands of people are hitting the Facebook like button do you think theres a possibility that Google will see your article as valuable content?

I think you get the point…

One important thing to remember is that Twiends is only a tool.  If you take action and use this tool it could greatly enhance your social networking presence and brand online.  Twiends is just one piece of your total marketing strategy that you should be using.

To learn how to turn your business up to the next level be sure to check out this video our partners made.  We will show you how to grow your business the right way, using the right tools, along with only the strategies that are working today to get money in your pockets right away.  We even have a neat strategy to put money in your pockets without sponsoring someone into your primary business.

If you enjoyed my review of Twiends, please share it with the online world by clicking the retweet button and the like button.

To Your Success,








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